A sustainable (first) impact

Do you remember the time when ‘sustainability’ was just a cool buzzword that could actually set your company or business apart from the competition?

Well, that has changed. Today, you’re not in business if your business isn’t sustainable, eco-friendly or environmentally intelligent.

Being able to demonstrate your ecological awareness as a company or business-owner has become just as indispensable as invaluable.

So why not validate your commitment to the planet’s future during the vèry first contact with clients or associates: that moment you exchange business cards.

Because at Smart Connections we honestly believe that today, tomorrow and for the years to come, the bèst first impression… is a sustainable impression.

Creating an impact beyond the world of business

Did you know that paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills. (*)

Hence, our choice has been to contribute to the environment for every business card we are selling. 
By aligning with Smart Connections, each collaboration actively participates in fostering a more sustainable planet.

When we are saying that you participate in a greener future for everybody, you should know that this participation is twofold.

  • Firstly, Smart Connections commits a portion of its earnings to Go Forest, directly aiding ecological causes.
  • Secondly, our exclusive and innovative NFC business cards eliminate the need for conventional paper cards. As a result, your association with us indirectly reduces paper waste and its environmental impact.

Each time you purchase a Smart Connections product, we will provide you with a personalised sustainability certificate, specifying the precise contribution you’ve made towards reforestation.

(*) reported by ‘The World Counts’

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